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IVF Centers in Pakistan

IVF Market in Pakistan is growing gradually and with stability. Being patient, you should not just stick your self to the results, but overall persecptive. GIVF Club fairly believe that all centers can help infertile couples, but being patient you should make your own analysis after visiting respective website information, service offering, coordination services, and individual attention given to each individual case, the experiance of IVF team in terms of IVF Physician and Embryologyst. Merely assessing an IVF Center on results basis  is difficult as in infertility there are wide variations in patient demographics, and each center have their individual patient selection and exclusion criteria. 

Being patient, you should be happy with all centers who reasonable can assure you with minimum average of 20% pregnancy rate per cycle. The results in IVF Centers across Pakistan varies from 20% to 50%.

Today there are total 18 IVF Centers in Pakistan, out of which 15 are performing ICSI procedure as well, and 3 are only offering Conventional or Intravaginal Culture based IVF.


There is one center in Pakistan offering PGD for Family Balancing and other genetic evaluations in Lahore , and one center in Krachi offering PGS for Family Balancing and other genetic evaluations. 

The below mentioned list of IVF Centers in Pakistan is compiled on the basis of ALPHABATICAL CITY basis




1 - FRIENDS IVF (Chenab Clinic) - Medical Director , Dr. Samina Khalid (


1 - SANAGYN IVF Islamabad - Medical Director, Prof. Saad Rana (

2 - ICSI Center Islamabad - Medical Director, Dr. Nasim Ashraf (

3 - Infertility Services (Pvt) Limited - Medical Director , Dr. Salma Kafeel


1 - Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre - Medical Director , Prof. Javed Rizvi (

2 - Sindh Institute of Reproductive Medicine - Medical Director , Dr. Shaheen Zafar

3 - Concept Fertility Centre - Medical Director , Prof. Fareedon Setna  (

4 - American IVF - Medical Director , Dr. Asma Munir  (

5 - BIRDS Baqai University - Medical Director, Prof. Baqai (

6 - BEACH Side IVF - Medical Director , Prof. Nargis Soomro


1 - Lahore Institute of Fertility & Endocrinology - CEO , Dr. Haroon Latif Khan (  

2 - SURGIMED-CARE - Medical Director , Prof. Shaheena Asif

3 - Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre - Medical Director , Prof. Javed Rizvi (

4 - CRAFT IVF - Chohan Reproduction & Fertility Treatment - Medical Director , Prof. Arshad Chohan

5 - SAQIB Fertility & IVF Centre - Medical Director , Prof. Saqib Sidiq (




1 - Fertility Care Multan - Medical Director , Prof. Samee Akhtar (

2 - ICSI Center Islamabad - Medical Director, Dr. Nasim Ashraf (



1 - STAR IVF - Shahnawaz Techniques of Assissted Reproduction - Medical Director , Dr. Sajida Shahnawaz (